Meet Jordan

She’s going on a Mission Trip to Brazil

Meet Jordan

She’s going on a Mission Trip to Brazil

Committed to South Africa

Jordan Bramley is an amazing 20 year old South African, committed to helping young people live their fullest lives. Jordan has been accepted to intern in a Mission Programme with Iris Global Brazil in January 2021.

You’re probably here because you know Jordan, or someone who knows you thinks you might like to be part of the team of supporters to help her get there, and bring all she learns back to South Africa.

Why Jordan wants to go on this mission trip

“It’s my 21st birthday in January and all that I have wanted is to go on a mission trip.

When I heard about this specific mission school, I felt God say ‘yes’ and felt such an excitement. I’ve also wanted to do some sort of mission work in South America for the last few years. I have an anticipation that I will encounter God in new and beautiful ways as well as learn the skills and gain the tools that I can bring back with me.

My heart is for the people in South Africa, but specifically for the children in our country who have been abandoned, abused and neglected.
Saying all this, knowing that God has called me to serve others, when I get back, I know that I will be clearer as to how to continue to make a difference.”

Make a Contribution

We’d like to invite you to get on board and make a contribution towards Jordan’s Mission Trip.

Any amount that you can afford (these are tough times for everyone), whether it be R5 or R5 000, will be hugely appreciated.

Should the borders not open before her departure date on 5 January (COVID-19 regulations), we’ll return your contribution. All contributions are being deposited into a separate Bank Account and audited by Neville Dunn (Chartered Accountant).

TARGET = R50 320

Breakdown of Target:

Mission Trip: R30 000
Flights: R15 000
Travel Expenses: R2 620
Stay over on 1st Night: R1 000
Transport to Mission School: R1 350
Vaccine: R350

TOTAL: R50 320




A Few things about Jordan

Matriculated in 2018 from HeronBridge College

In Grade 11 went on a Mission Trip to Mozambique

Took a Gap Year to volunteer at Farm Schools, Churches, and assisted a young woman partly paralysed from a medical procedure that went awry

Has collected items to make up parcels for young women who have suffered from rape and sexual abuse, to be handed out at Hospitals and Police Stations

Mobilised a community to make sandwiches and raise money for food parcels for families in distress during COVID lockdown in South Africa. Her team fed 6 200 people during Lockdown

Jordan is currently studying Social Work at WITS University

A Few things about Iris Global

The primary mission of Iris Global as a family is to seek the face of God with all our hearts, that we might glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. We proclaim Jesus. He is our salvation, our prize, our reward, our inheritance, our destination, our motivation, our joy, wisdom and sanctification — and absolutely everything else we need, now and forever.

Iris Global serves the poor, the destitute, the lost, and the forgotten from 65 locations in 34 countries

They have 371 missionaries, 1 105 National Staff and 2 628 International Volunteers (Jordan will be one of them)

In 2019:

They drilled 88 wells and repaired 51. They built and repaired 813 homes

They have sponsored the education of 757 children through 1 448 sponsors

They have 7 medical Programmes that treated 30 908 patients

During Cyclone Idai they distributed 1.4 million meals


Jordan's sister, Carli, made this video to celebrate the year Jordan worked in a small Farm School in Lanseria. This was her last day working at the school, before starting her full-time studies.

jordan bramley mission trip heronbridge college mozambique

Mission trip to Mozambique

jordan bramley volunteer lanseria farm school

Farm School in Lanseria

jordan bramley volunteer lanseria farm school

Farm School in Lanseria

food programme during covid jordan bramley

Collecting Food Parcels during Lock Down

jordan bramley grayston prep mission

Grade 7 Day Visit to a Creche

jordan bramley mission trip mozambique

Mission Trip to Mozambique

jordan bramley lanseria

Mission trip to Mozambique

jordan bramley farm school lanseria

Farm School in Lanseria

jordan bramley food programme covid 19

Food Parcels during Lock Down


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