About 21 Saturdays

If you haven’t made a contribution, or finished reading all about the amazing person / project we’re profiling, please go and do that instead. This isn’t about 21 Saturdays. We’re the least important part of this website.

“When you find a flame in the darkness, do everything you can to keep it alight, and then share it with the world”

Our Genesis

21 Saturdays was born the day after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a 3 week lockdown of South Africa, as a response to COVID-19. His announcement to the nation arrived on a Thursday night. This is the Whatsapp conversation between two friends the following day (Friday)….


How’s it going?

It’s ok. It feels like a Saturday

Then you have 21 Saturdays ahead of you!


Doing Awesome Together

A website was purchased as a holding space for great ideas that would be birthed during 21 Saturdays of lockdown.

And here we are. Months later, and 21 Saturdays continues to morph and evolve as it makes itself available for incredible people, with massive ideas who believe in ‘doing awesome together’.

Thank you for visiting and supporting whomever you find on our pages.