carli running group


Welcome to the fun and supportive Collective Running Group (we need to come up with a better name – my dad sucks at this)
When I first sat and chatted about starting this group I wanted to create some fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive running moments for people I know: whatever their ability or time availability. I do think that running is far more fun and easier to become part of your lifestyle when you have other people to share it with.
So here’s how it works…
  • before your first week joining the group, you commit to a distance goal for the week. I’ll add it to your row on the ‘Who’s Doing What?’ table on the website.
  • During that week, every time you run, you simply send your distance via our Whatsapp Group and I’ll add it to the ‘Who Did What?’ table on the website.
We’ll then get an idea of how we’re doing collectively, and maybe some people will run a little more in the week, when they see other’s are not running as far as they normally do.
Remember this isn’t a competition between us. It’s a collective attempt to reach each week’s target together. Also, I’ll increase everyone’s weekly distance by 10% each week, and that way we’ll get fitter and stronger together.