jackie d's backyard bash

I hear some of you saying, ‘So what’s this fun fundraiser all about Bramley?’


Jackie D is a human being I fell in love with in Grade 1. We went through school together. She gravitated towards the Saints Boys (a temporary lapse in taste). We re-met last September at a school re-union, and we’ve been hanging out quite a bit since then (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).


Jackie’s daughter, Cayla, is a goalkeeper in the Saint’s Hockey squad, and they’re headed to Europe in April on a school tour.

Jackie’s arranged this fun fundraiser on 11 March (from 14:00). It’s a Saturday, and I’m certain the afternoon will bleed into the evening for a little dancing and fun.


There’ll be world class live music, featuring Dale James (my son-in-law-and-in-love) and Dillon Serretta (a fabulous friend on whose shoulder I’ve fallen asleep on at least once). These guys are quality humans and incredible musicians.


Jackie is going to serve Gourmet Boerie Rolls. We’ll be borrowing some adult play equipment from Copper Lake Breweries (thank you Brendan) and we’ve got some wine give-aways from Mario at MJM Wines (what a stunning human being).

All the details can be found below (including vids of Dale and Dillon), as well as a form to reserve your tickets (Jackie will hound you for payment). Please reserve your tickets by 1 March for catering purposes.


It’s going to be a fabulous Saturday, with so much fun and enjoyment on offer, for just R350. What a bargain. See you there.

Dale James

Dillon Serretta

Jackie D's Backyard Bash 11 March 2023